New life

Obstetrician & gynaecologist

A tricky branding excercise which took some time and a bit of subtlety to deliver!

Gluten free baked goods

A wholesome and bold logo for a health and lifestyle brand.

Healthy treats

General print design

Production of a quarterly communiqué and printed information for ECU Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander HealthInfoNet.

Franchise and point of sale material

Fast pasta chain promotional and franchise material in print and online.

It's all in the sauce

Design and production

A small bar project built from the ground up. Cosy and welcoming and delivering something a little different.

Branding, labels and promotional

Small family owned winery in the Swan Valley. Unique and individual wines with equally individual designs.

Logo development and design

A new branding for a secondhand market shop incorporating a collective of outlets in the same space.

Art in light

Abstract architecture, landscape and macro photography. Looking for the less noticed.

Full folio and store at Fotomerchant

New look

Revitalising a book shop with a new logo and signage.