New life

Obstetrician & gynaecologist

A tricky branding excercise which took some time and a bit of subtlety to deliver!

Gluten free baked goods

A wholesome and bold logo for a health and lifestyle brand.

Healthy treats

General print design

Production of a quarterly communiqué and printed information for ECU Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander HealthInfoNet.

Franchise and point of sale material

Fast pasta chain promotional and franchise material in print and online.

It's all in the sauce

Art in light

Abstract architecture, landscape and macro photography. Looking for the less noticed.

Full folio and store at Fotomerchant

Design and production

A small bar project built from the ground up. Cosy and welcoming and delivering something a little different.

A new branding for a secondhand market shop incorporating a collective of outlets in the same space.


AK Electrical Installations_edited.jpg